Monday, October 24, 2011

Holy Grail Product: Soap & Glory Clear Here Oil-Control Lotion

I sometimes think that I might possibly have the most oily forehead in the history of the world. I'm assuming some of you out there have the same problem. Well, I have found my match. My holy grail of all lotions. Let us take a deep breath now; it is called the Clear Here T-Zone Oil-Control Daily Facial Moisture Lotion. 

The product, itself, has a more liquid consistency than that of a typical lotion or moisturizer. It is not thick so it is ideal for a lightweight, everyday moisturizer to wear underneath makeup. It recommended that you wait 30 seconds before applying any makeup. I think is so that the moisturizer can set. The lotion also helps minimize pores, reduce redness, and reduce the appearance of acne. 
I have been using this product for about one year and it still hasn't run out! The bottle that I have contains 50 mL(1.69 Fl.Oz). I received this from a swap as Soap & Glory used to be only available in the UK. Now, it is currently available on and in stores at Sephora. They are supplying the larger bottles of the lotion for $22 USD.

My experience using it has, of course, been positive! A little goes a long way with this lotion which is great because it is not particularly very cheap to buy it. The consistency of the product has a not so desirable aftermath because it leaves a sort of tacky / semi-sticky feeling which results in me having to wash my hands after each use. 
The smell is tolerable as it does not contain any fragrance, but it does have a rather medicinal scent to it, comparable to general Olay products. Having no fragrance can be a positive as fragrances often have excessive amounts of oils in it, so it defeats the purpose of using an oil-control lotion. The scent is not overpowering, so you don't have to worry about dousing yourself with your favourite perfume
The results of using the lotion has been noticeable, not just to myself but to others as well! It has reduced shine which allows me to achieve the matte look that I so lust after. It does not just look matte, but it feels matte; it does not feel as if I can wipe off all the oil on my forehead with one swipe of my hand. That good, I know. Having a product that can tame my oiliness to a point where I do not have carry 10 packs of oil absorbent sheets in purse is a godsend. 
Another great use is to apply it to areas that have acne. The lotion is great at nourishing and making sure the acne does not dry out and flake which tends to be the worst. The lotion will unclog those pores and acne blemishes to clean it and moisturize those spots. The directions say to apply all over the face after cleansing, but I would recommend you apply only to the areas that you feel need it. In terms of absorption, it does not dry out the skin leaving patches or flakes, but it does absorb oils leaving you with an all over consistent finish.

Overall, this is really great for those who have Oily/ Combination skin, possibly for normal skin types. If you have dry skin then it may or may not work as well depending whether you have severely dry skin or a mild case of dry skin. If that, then I'd recommend you only apply to affected areas or in very thin layers and then apply a moisturizer catered to dry skin so that the lotion does not strip your skin even more dry. 
I hope you've enjoyed my first official post and one of many "Holy Grail" product posts to come! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please feel free to comment on this post! I would love your feedback! 

Much love, Julie.

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